Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name is Angela. I am a scientist, wife, cat-mom, and fitness enthusiast. This page is my personal blog, and you will find a range of topics, centered around healthy living. Why “The Chicken Scoop”?  Well, when I started this blog, we had just gotten a small flock of chickens and the name just stuck!  I hope you enjoy your visit!

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Meal Mixing

The weekend before last, I was feeling super sick with allergies. My husband was totally awesome though and did a bunch of food prep for me since I’m too busy during the week to cook!

I made hardboiled eggs earlier in the day. He cooked up salmon, steak, chicken, and sausages for protein choices. He also made steamed broccoli, rice, and fresh homemade pasta

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Crunch Time

Hey everyone! I know it has been like crickets around here. I have been super busy with school. There has been a lot of coffee, reading, and paper writing happening. I have 3 huge things due all this week!

Drink Coffee, Study, Drink More Coffee, Study, Sleep, Repeat.

This semester, while it is my last, is looking like it will also be my hardest

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WIAW: Inside My Cooler

Okay, this isn’t what I’ve got on the menu today I took this picture and have been dying to share. I got these for a friend’s birthday (my mom took some too). My favorite this time was the PBJ cupcake. It was creepy since it tasted so much like a regular PBJ sandwich. Weird.

So anyway! Wednesday is my long day at school. I

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Fall Recipe Love

I might have gotten a little excited at the grocery store this week. We normally do most of our shopping at a wholesale store so I loved the variety at the regular grocery store this time!

Where did those spice wafers come from?

I knew I would have lots of time to cook so I wanted to try out some new recipes.

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Week in Pictures 10/6/14

Happy October!!! So I’m a little late. It has been a hectic week…

Always spending time at school and now I shadow at the clinic 2 days per week. I had to go up to campus an extra day this week so that kind of stunk. 4 hours of commuting kills me!

At least the train station is pretty

I caught up on my

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WIAW: Pumpkin Time!

Since I’ve been slacking at blog posts lately, I thought I would make it a bit more fun for myself and do some typical blogger posts. Welcome to What I Ate Wednesday! This will just include recipes or yummy foods I’ve been having as of late.

Pumpkin Everything

I’m not obsessed with pumpkin like the rest of America seems to be. I just made some

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Local Eats: Sunrise Café

Last week, my sister and I met up for breakfast and decided to try a completely new place.  Neither of us had ever been there and now that summer is over (after Labor Day means the tourists are gone!), we could happily enjoy breakfast in a beach town without fighting for parking or waiting for a table.

We headed to Ocean City, NJ to the

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Making the Decision: Whole30 or Not?

I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing the Whole30 Challenge from the book It Starts With Food.  This isn’t anything new.  I originally read the book back in 2012 (there is a newer version also).  I never did the Whole30 (meaning a “whole 30 days”) after reading the book, even though I really enjoyed it and would recommend the book to others.

So I’m

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